Workshop Application
DEADLINE: April 22, 2021

The workshop is free of charge, but full participation is by application only. Twenty applicants will be accepted as full seminar participants. Seminar participants will appear on screen as Zoom panelists and will be able to interact with the instructors. The selection of seminar participants will prioritize ABD PhD candidates and untenured scholars in whose research Arabic manuscripts play a central role.

Others—including those who apply but are not accepted as seminar participants—may observe the workshop as webinar observers. Webinar observers will be able to pose written questions in the Zoom Q&A as time allows, but will not be able to interact directly with the instructors. If you are interested in being a webinar observer and not a full seminar participant, there is no need for you to apply via this form. You can simply register directly as a webinar observer. Registration links will be posted at a later date.

Seminar participants must commit to attending all five days of the workshop. If scheduling conflicts prevent you from committing to the entire workshop, do not apply. Instead, register as a webinar observer at a later date.

We apologize, but this application is now closed.