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2021-22 Taiwan in the World Language Fellowship
The Asia Pacific Center (APC) Taiwan Studies Program recognizes the centrality of Chinese language and scholarship to Taiwan Studies, connecting the study of contemporary Taiwan both to the classical tradition from which it in part emerges and to the broader Asian region of which it is such a vital part. In order to prepare the next generation of scholars, policy makers, and business leaders for success in an increasingly globalized world, the APC offers scholarships to UCLA graduate and undergraduate students from disciplines spanning the Social and Physical Sciences, Humanities, and professional schools to attain advanced proficiency in Mandarin Chinese language (including reading/writing in traditional characters) and Taiwan studies.

Students may enroll in Chinese language courses through the Asian Languages & Cultures department, including intermediate and advanced (3rd and 4th year); advanced conversation, advanced reading; classical Chinese; or Chinese-English translation (using traditional characters). Students may also enroll in a language training program at a university in Taiwan.

Please see the announcement for a full description of the fellowship and application requirements.

A note about Personal Identifying Information (PII): Please do not include anywhere in your application the following PII: social security numbers; bank account numbers; passport information; healthcare related information; medical insurance information; credit/debit card numbers, driver's license or state ID information. Any PII explicitly requested in any of the application fields (e.g. first and last name, phone number, etc.) will be kept confidential and encrypted, pursuant to UCLA policies and practices outlined here.
This application is not open at the moment.