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Welcome to African Arts’ new manuscript submission system. Please note that the format for submission has changed.

Required fields are noted with an asterisk. Use the main address and email fields for your permanent contact information; use the temporary address field to note alternate addresses and emails if you will be traveling or otherwise unavailable at your permanent address, and be sure to include the timeframe when the temporary information will be valid.

Please note that you can only submit one article per email address per week.

The review process for submissions to African Arts can take up to a year, although we make every effort to process manuscripts as rapidly as possible. We will email you the decision of the editors, along with any relevant reviews, when the process is complete.

The African Arts review process uses UCLA’s corporate account to transmit files to reviewers. This is a password-protected system that allows only invited reviewers to see the files. If you have any concerns about this, please contact us at the email below for further information.

Queries may be directed to Eva Howard at
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Please upload your submission as a single Word document only. Include the following elements in this order:
  1. Separate cover page including your name, article title, affiliation (if applicable), and email address
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  4. Endnotes (not Footnotes)
  5. Images with captions, including photo credits
For review purposes, please use low-res images to keep the overall file size small. If the article is accepted, we will contact you about transmission of high-res files for publication.
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